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The Daily Dilbert Gadget

March 27, 2007

Being a fan of Dilbert I thought this was a great idea for a gadget to keep up on the lastest stips. Its one of the more entertaining gadgets for the Vista sidebar that I’ve come across so far. For more info and how to setup the gadget, go to

Oh, and the site also provides good information on how to create Vista gadgets as well.

Another additional article with more Gadget info is on the Vista Blog.


Upgrading Acer TM6469 to Vista

March 22, 2007

After upgrading my Acer laptop to Vista I had a few devices that didn’t have drivers automaticly installed. After some digging I found a link to the Acer site ( where the drivers were available. For my particular laptop, there were two files to download, the Vista Update and Applications. Unfortunatly it doesn’t allow you to choose what you want to install so I had to let everything install, then remove the extra crap that it installs. Long story short, everything seems to be working fine on Vista. The only thing that I don’t have is the finger print reader app that came with XP but considering I’m not very confident in the security of the reader, I can live without it for now.

Microsoft Response Point

March 21, 2007

After working in the VoIP field for 8 years, hearing about the new Microsoft Response Point has me excited to get more info on it. It looks like someone may have figured out how to get the features a small business wants in a simple to use package. Now I’ve seen many companies try to create a good IP-PBX for small business and usually miss stuff, or they run into the same technology hurdles that every other company has in the past so I’m not going to judge this till it’s out and I’ve been able to try it, but the marketing looks good. I just haven’t figured out from looking at the various pictures how it will actually connect to the PSTN, it doesn’t look like there’s analog connections and I don’t see a “simple” small business PBX having a T1 connection on it. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the info to come out.

My visit to the Apple store.

March 21, 2007

So last night I went to the Apple store with a friend. He has a small network of 4 computers and wanted to get a small laptop for traveling. Needing only the basics of being able to send email, browse the web, and look at pictures, he was interested in seeing what the Mac had to offer. I went along to see for myself. I have to hand it to the guys there, they have their sales pitch down for home users. I may even recommend a Mac for my parents when it comes time to get a new system. The only two items that I would argue with the guy is 1. Mac is not vulnerable to viruses. Now I’ll agree that there is less attacks on Mac systems but let’s not stretch the truth and say it’s invincible….it’s not. And #2 was my big complaint in that they sell Microsoft Office Student/Teacher edition. According to them, anyone is allowed to use it, the name student teacher doesn’t mean anything. Also, and this was my favorite part, since it can be used on up to three systems he suggested it to be used on the system he was going to buy and then if I got a Mac I could use one of the installs. So much for following that EULA!

Return to blogging

March 19, 2007

After a few months of not blogging (mainly due to changing jobs and needing to spend time setting up a new blog) I decided it was time again after having upgraded my system to Vista. The reason for this was there’s so many new little tweaks, tricks, and things I want to make a note of and needed a place to make the notes.

Since I don’t have a lot of free time to manage another server just to host my blog I figured I’d go with one of the online services for now and move it in the future. Hope you enjoy.