My visit to the Apple store.

So last night I went to the Apple store with a friend. He has a small network of 4 computers and wanted to get a small laptop for traveling. Needing only the basics of being able to send email, browse the web, and look at pictures, he was interested in seeing what the Mac had to offer. I went along to see for myself. I have to hand it to the guys there, they have their sales pitch down for home users. I may even recommend a Mac for my parents when it comes time to get a new system. The only two items that I would argue with the guy is 1. Mac is not vulnerable to viruses. Now I’ll agree that there is less attacks on Mac systems but let’s not stretch the truth and say it’s invincible….it’s not. And #2 was my big complaint in that they sell Microsoft Office Student/Teacher edition. According to them, anyone is allowed to use it, the name student teacher doesn’t mean anything. Also, and this was my favorite part, since it can be used on up to three systems he suggested it to be used on the system he was going to buy and then if I got a Mac I could use one of the installs. So much for following that EULA!

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