Vista Upgrade vs. Clean Install

After finally getting the last of the LOB apps working on Office 2007 I finally upgraded my laptop to Vista & Office 2007. The upgrade process did not go as smoothly as all my test installs that I’ve been doing over the past few months however. Here’s the little “gotachs” that I found out about and why I have decided to continue recommending a clean install of Windows over an upgrade. My laptop is a relatively new Acer Travelmate 6460 that came with Windows XP and is Premium Ready. I bought it with the intent of upgrading to Vista. I didn’t bother spending much time on tweaking the default XP install because I expected to reinstall a while ago.  So I start the install using an Vista Business Upgrade. As soon as I put in the key,  I get the message that I need to launch the install from within Windows, not boot from the DVD!?! WTF?  Ok, so I start up Windows and launch the setup. (One of the odd things with the default install of XP, the C: is FAT instead of NTFS!) This time the key works and I get to choose where to install. Guess what, I can’t install to C: (the only drive) because it’s not NTFS. And I can’t change it…there’s a note that says to modify the drive partitions to boot from the disc instead of launching from Windows. Nice…that make it real fun to upgrade. So decided to cut my losses and just put the regular clean install version on the system (had a copy that I got from a recent MS event!) So much easier doing a clean install and just copying the data back. Not to mention it gives a good reason to clean up all my docs. As for drivers, almost everything was recognized and worked after the Vista install on the Acer Travelmate 6460-6752. The three items that needed updated drivers were the camera, biometric reader, and the Bluetooth. On the good side, Acer has all of the Vista drivers available for easy download at

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