Who owns the domain?

One thing all web sites & emails have in common is the domain registration. There’s thousands of people out there now who offer to setup a web site and register your domain name for the low fee of $xx a year….nothing new here. The one thing that surprised me was finding out how many people just don’t have a clue what they’re doing or, even worse, do things deceptively with the intent of securing a long term contract with their customers. Recently had to migrate a handful of domains for a single customer due to issues with the current host & web designer they were using. After going through the basics and making copies of the existing sites and getting together the lists of existing emails I found out the “gotcha” The web host had not only registered all the domains in their own name but had registered them under his “master” account with all the other customers.  So I not only have no way to easily get access & control over the domains, I have to have him make the DNS changes. Also the customer is stuck paying the over-priced yearly registration fee that he charges. Of course there’s always the option to transfer to another registrar but then you have to deal with the sites & email being down while the transfer takes place….not something an active web site that generates half its business from is happy to hear. So, what’s the point…if you’re an IT consultant, do the right thing and make sure your customers are setup correctly and ethically. It you’re business, ask questions and find out exactly what you’re getting when you purchase that new web site.

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