BCM Contacts showing up as Outlook Reminders

Had an odd quirk with Outlook today. All of the contacts from BCM (Business Contact Manager) showed up as a reminder in Outlook. All of them were showing up as Due now and no matter how many times I tried to dismiss the reminder it kept coming back immediately. Needless to say this was rather frustrating having numerous bogus reminders that kept popping up.

After some helpful suggestions from MS the issue was resolved by running Outlook in Clean Reminders mode. To do this:

  1. Quit Outlook.
  2. Click Start -> Run, type Outlook /CleanReminders and press Enter.
  3. This should clear out the bogus reminders.
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4 Comments on “BCM Contacts showing up as Outlook Reminders”

  1. Kirk Lang Says:

    Thanks for the post! It saved me from having to respond to the over 2700 reminders that showed up on my screen this morning.

  2. […] googling for a solution I came across a post on a blog showing the solution. Evidently it’s a known bug, and I solved the problem by typing the […]

  3. Stephan Says:

    At a company with 60 users sometimes one user get over 1000 reminders. It is not possible to dismiss all because of rights (I think?). The reminders are all BCM contacts. The next day all reminders are gone. So far we have had 4 users in de last 3 months who experienced this problem. Since this post is over 1 one year old, does someone know if there’s a permanent fix for this issue instead of the ‘/cleanreminders’ workaround?

  4. Brian Says:

    Stephan, unfortunatly I haven’t seen a fix for this yet…but honestly I haven’t looked recently. I still see this happen now and then but it’s never been enough of a pain to go digging around for a fix yet.

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