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RunAs for Vista CLI.

August 17, 2007

Just came across another little command line tool that I like in Vista, RunAs. Similar to right-clicking on something and choosing to run as another user but giving you the benefit of doing it on the CLI…kinda like SUDO. The use is simple enough: 

Runas /user:<computername>\<username> <app to run>


RunAs Command


Change Vista Shutdown to shutdown instead of sleep

August 3, 2007

Want to make Vista shut down instead of going to sleep without having to go through the additional menu options? Here’s where to adjust what the power button on the start menu actually does: 

  1. Click the Vista start button and enter: Power Options in the search box

  2. Select Change plan settings on the power plan you’re using

  3. Click the link to Change advanced power settings

  4. Expand the Power buttons and lid then Start menu power button

  5. Choose Shut Down or whichever setting you would like to use.

Power Settings