Please use Vista….please

Is it just me or do the recent emails/articles from Microsoft sound like they’re begging people to use Vista? The most recent one I received quotes the number of applications that will run and the number of devices that work with Vista…how many improvements have been made since it’s release…all well and good. But I haven’t seen anything that addresses the real problem with Vista…speed!

I’ve been running Vista on my home & work systems since the initial release but I kept all the other systems in the office on XP (I’m the geek so I get to be the test dummy.) At this point any new workstations we setup are still using XP. The problem I have with Vista is nothing new, it’s the same that everyone else has, it’s performance is lagging compared to XP.

Yes there are some great new features like the search feature and the combined run/launch/search box that make things easier…but when it takes about 2-3 minutes for Outlook to launch and become usable, or when you click on an Excel file to launch and Excel opens and tells you it can’t find the file (the one you just clicked on)…there’s a problem.

I’m hoping that the upcoming SP1 will improve some of this though I’m not setting my expectations too high. And with the hints and rumors of a new desktop OS to be released in 2009, I can only hope if that happens that it’s a streamlined version of Vista.

::::End of rant::::

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