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Power Problems in Florida…again

February 27, 2008

You just have to love reading things like this after a large state-wide power problem:

It took only three minutes for an overheated switch and then a fire at a power substation near Miami on Tuesday afternoon to shut down a nuclear plant south of the city and trigger Florida’s largest blackout in at least 20 years. Figuring out why is going to take longer.

If you’re like me and you don’t get the warm fuzzy feeling about the power company when a switch in Miami shuts down the nuclear plant…I’d suggest it’s a good reminder to check your battery backups and make sure your important data is backed up.


Exchange Read-Receipts

February 23, 2008

Realized today that I had forgot to change the read receipt settings on my Exchange server to not send read receipts. While this may or may not be a concern for some people or company policies I wanted this turned off on our server for one primary reason…Mobile Phones.

While some people read the entire message on a mobile phone and take action on it, some people just look at the message to see if it’s something important enough to interrupt what they’re doing and if not will simply deal with it when back at the office or in front of an actual computer. The problem with read receipts in this process is that it gives the sender the notion that their email has been read (because most users have no idea it simply means the email was marked read by the client, not actually read by a person) when it may not have been. Not to mention there are privacy issues for those concerned with someone knowing when you read your email.

So if you’re looking to disable read receipts from being sent:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager
  2. Global Settings
  3. Internet Message Format
  4. Click on Default on the right pane (or the name of the specific domain your modifying)
  5. Select the Advanced tab
  6. Uncheck Allow Delivery Reports

SBS 2008 Second Server

February 21, 2008

Found out that the second server in SBS 2008 Premium supports both x64 and x86. So if you have customers with older hardware you can still upgrade by installing the primary server on new x64 hardware and run the second server on the older x86 hardware..

Where did my PDF Preview go in Outlook 2007?

February 18, 2008

One of the things I’ve gotten a lot of use from is being able to preview PDF files within Outlook without having to launch Adobe (in all it’s bloated glory) to see what the file contains. For whatever reason most people don’t seem to be able to use a informative name when sending attachments.

So I was worried when this suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a notice saying no previewer was installed and when I looked online there was none listed for PDF.

Not sure what actually caused the issue yet but I think a recent update goofed something…reinstalling the Adobe PDF viewer luckily fixed the problem and Outlook is happily showing PDF files in preview mode again.

IIS Message Delivery – SMTP

February 17, 2008

Had a problem today where email wasn’t getting through…specifically email from a app that sends quotes directly from the app and copies the sales person. After some digging I found out that the program makes use of IIS message delivery by just dumping the file in the pickup folder and letting IIS send the message.

This is all fine except that the vendor that setup the app, never bothered to find out about the actual email setup and just left some defaults on the box so mail was being sent the server.sub.domain.local as the source and from an IP address that is not authorized to send mail for the domain…so any mail server running a decent spam filter would reject the message.

So after changing the IIS SMTP defaults it’s sending as it should.

Steps to change setup:

  1. Open IIS MMC
  2. Right click on SMTP Virtual Server
  3. Select the Delivery tab and click Advanced
  4. Enter the correct domain and/or smart host – hit ok
  5. Click Outbound Security and set authentication if needed.

And if you want to test easily, here’s an easy way from the server:

Open notepad and type

Subject: This is a test message.
Email is working!


Make sure you have two extra blank lines at the bottom of the message

Save the file using any name to the Mailroot\pickup folder

The message should go out.

To Mobi or not to Mobi

February 7, 2008

I’m supposed to be meeting with someone shortly to go talk to them and their boss about the .mobi domain and why I won’t pay to have them setup a mobi advertising site for us. Ignoring the fact that the majority of people have no idea what .mobi even means (heck, the sales person even sent me the link as showing she doesn’t even understand the concept!) I took a look at the web stats just to see how much traffic we were actually getting from mobile devices. With over 19000 hits, less than 17 of them (with 3 being me testing) were from a mobile device.

So I can’t wait to see how they justify spending a few thousand to let less than 0.001% of the traffic have a mobile browsing experience. Another interesting thing was that in all of the cases, the people on a mobile browser went directly to the contact page so I think it would be easy enough to setup a quick contact info page that satisfies their needs and avoids the costly expense.

So much for paperless

February 6, 2008

Why is it that a company that is based soley on selling stuff on the Internet and only on the Internet has a 28 page contract that they have to send you in PDF form to fill out after printing it out and then be faxed back to them? You would think that with the modern tech we have now like web page forms or even a PDF form they could at least let you fill out the darn thing electronicly and then submit it or email it back rather than having to print and fax it. If they absolutley must have a signature print out the actual contract part and sign & fax it back…not the entire thing.

:::end rant:::