To Mobi or not to Mobi

I’m supposed to be meeting with someone shortly to go talk to them and their boss about the .mobi domain and why I won’t pay to have them setup a mobi advertising site for us. Ignoring the fact that the majority of people have no idea what .mobi even means (heck, the sales person even sent me the link as showing she doesn’t even understand the concept!) I took a look at the web stats just to see how much traffic we were actually getting from mobile devices. With over 19000 hits, less than 17 of them (with 3 being me testing) were from a mobile device.

So I can’t wait to see how they justify spending a few thousand to let less than 0.001% of the traffic have a mobile browsing experience. Another interesting thing was that in all of the cases, the people on a mobile browser went directly to the contact page so I think it would be easy enough to setup a quick contact info page that satisfies their needs and avoids the costly expense.

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