IIS Message Delivery – SMTP

Had a problem today where email wasn’t getting through…specifically email from a app that sends quotes directly from the app and copies the sales person. After some digging I found out that the program makes use of IIS message delivery by just dumping the file in the pickup folder and letting IIS send the message.

This is all fine except that the vendor that setup the app, never bothered to find out about the actual email setup and just left some defaults on the box so mail was being sent the server.sub.domain.local as the source and from an IP address that is not authorized to send mail for the domain…so any mail server running a decent spam filter would reject the message.

So after changing the IIS SMTP defaults it’s sending as it should.

Steps to change setup:

  1. Open IIS MMC
  2. Right click on SMTP Virtual Server
  3. Select the Delivery tab and click Advanced
  4. Enter the correct domain and/or smart host – hit ok
  5. Click Outbound Security and set authentication if needed.

And if you want to test easily, here’s an easy way from the server:

Open notepad and type

x-sender: johndoe@domain.com
x-receiver: janedoe@domain.com
From: johndoe@domain.com
To: janedoe@domain.com
Subject: This is a test message.
Email is working!


Make sure you have two extra blank lines at the bottom of the message

Save the file using any name to the Mailroot\pickup folder

The message should go out.

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