Exchange Read-Receipts

Realized today that I had forgot to change the read receipt settings on my Exchange server to not send read receipts. While this may or may not be a concern for some people or company policies I wanted this turned off on our server for one primary reason…Mobile Phones.

While some people read the entire message on a mobile phone and take action on it, some people just look at the message to see if it’s something important enough to interrupt what they’re doing and if not will simply deal with it when back at the office or in front of an actual computer. The problem with read receipts in this process is that it gives the sender the notion that their email has been read (because most users have no idea it simply means the email was marked read by the client, not actually read by a person) when it may not have been. Not to mention there are privacy issues for those concerned with someone knowing when you read your email.

So if you’re looking to disable read receipts from being sent:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager
  2. Global Settings
  3. Internet Message Format
  4. Click on Default on the right pane (or the name of the specific domain your modifying)
  5. Select the Advanced tab
  6. Uncheck Allow Delivery Reports
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