OEM Defaults

I was helping a old friend move their business into new office space yesterday and setting up their servers & phone system. Normally when using a OEM server I recommend reinstalling the system so it can be setup as needed for the business. In this case he had been using the server for a couple years and we were just moving their existing network over to the new space. While making sure everything was working on the server I got the notice that there was little space left on C:. When I checked, it was down to about 150MB!

So my complaint is in two parts. First, why is it that Dell thinks a small partition for C: with the OS and all is a good setup? You would think with the size of drives available they could bump up the default C partition. Second, why is it that so much software asks you where you want to install and then continues to stick other files in various C: folders? Specifically if you specify D:program filesappname and then it still installs some folders in C:program filesappname! Why bother asking for an install path if it’s going to be ignored.

:::End of rant:::

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