Windows Live FolderShare is great

Started playing around with FolderShare, something Microsoft acquired from ByteTaxi in 2005, which allows multiple systems to sync files and folders across the Internet. While there are numerous applications that do this here’s some of the appealing things about FolderShare which make it ideal for my use:

  1. It’s free. Currently in Beta with Windows Live services but it’s hard to beat the price..if it changes later then it will be time to look at options but until then 🙂
  2. Security built in. Not that I’m using this for sensitive info but it’s nice to know there’s some security built in. Foldershare authenticates using RSA and encrypts using AES over SSL.
  3. Supports multiple computers. I like being able to have my home, office, and laptop systems all be in sync.
  4. Allows large shared. Unlike Groove which has smaller limits, FolderShare supports 10 libraries each containing up to 10,000 files.

The one other feature that I’m getting ready to try which if it works as I hope will be great…inviting others to share (read only) files. In my case I’m thinking this is going to be a great way to sync all the baby photos with the Grandparents and others who want to see all the latest pictures. Sure beats having to upload them to the baby blog all the time!

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One Comment on “Windows Live FolderShare is great”

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