Run Windows Apps inside Linux

Catching up on some reading this weekend and came across a post on LifeHacker for running Windows applications inside Linux that I really want to try. I have a few Linux workstation systems that I use for a few things but since the majority of my business apps are Windows only, I’ve never given much thought to switching to something else. I do however support a lot of systems should be used solely for running a business app and some work related web browsing but tend to get messed up by users who don’t leave things alone. Yes I know there are many options for locking down systems and I use them where I can but for older stand alone systems that have just as old business apps requiring admin rights to run, it just gets ugly. So I’m hoping this may be an option to setup a locked down Linux box with the Windows apps I need running inside it. The other option I’ve been looking at is some of the thin client and Windows embedded options so the system can be rebooted and instantly reset to clean working condition.

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