They don’t make computers like they used to

Have you ever noticed how the old computers seem to last forever while newer computers tend to die? While doing some work up in Gainesville this week I ran across some systems that I honestly thought were only found in museums these days. One system, amazingly running Windows XP, actually had a 6GB hard drive. Not a partition, but the physical drive has a total capacity of 6GB. I didn’t think anyone was still running on these. Another system was chugging along with 128MB RAM, slow…but working.

On the other hand, I have new servers from the popular OEM’s that have memory, drives, and various other parts die within the first year. So I have to ask, do they just not make them like they used to? Or am I just getting old and starting to think like that in general?

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One Comment on “They don’t make computers like they used to”

  1. Kirk Lang Says:

    I think there’s some truth to that, but on the other hand, if those old machines were to die they probably would have already. I am sure plenty of them had an early demise as well just like our new stuff…

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