Not getting noticed is good in IT

I think this comical sign sums it up for the IT field:

Author Unknown

If you do your job in the IT field, no one should notice any problems or drastic changes to the way they do business. Unless you are an IT shop, people just want technology to work and not have to spend time or money on it.

We’re just kicking off the first in a six phase upgrade for outdated computers. While this first phase will upgrade old Windows 2000 systems to Vista and improve the employees time use (by literally not having to wait for characters to appear onscreen several seconds after typing them) the only comment on the whole process has been about how much money the computers cost and why the $240 systems from Walmart wouldn’t work. So while the tech side gets that warm feeling that they’ve done a good job and made things better, no one seems to notice. But that’s usually a good thing in this business.

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