Office Upgrade to Windows Vista (Part 1)

I’m sure the debate on how good/bad Windows Vista is will be going on for some time but I wanted to document the process of upgrading an office to Windows Vista to see how it goes.

The Background:
The current systems being upgraded are all running Windows 2000 and are joined to an SBS  2003 domain. The primary reason for the upgrade is that the physical hardware is too old to run some of the LOB software we are upgrading to. Although the business owner has repeatedly stated the systems are fine, the fact that the new LOB will not install on them forced the decision to upgrade (much to the relief of myself and the users.)

To give an example of how slow the old systems were, when entering data in QuickBooks, you could type a description out and then watch the screen as the letters would slowly appear l…..i…..k….e….i….t…..w….a…s….a….t….e…l…e…g…r…a…p…h… instead of a computer! I think the improvement to employee time alone justifies the upgrade of the computers and I think the owner will agree once all is said and done.

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One Comment on “Office Upgrade to Windows Vista (Part 1)”

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