Office Upgrade to Windows Vista (Part 3)

Added all the Vista systems to the SBS2003 domain today, no problems after following the Microsoft KB steps. All user docs are available as the documents were previously redirected to the server, only had to move over the users Favorites.

The one issue I’ve seen with Vista so far that we need to address is QuickBooks updates. When QuickBooks downloads updates and wants to install them, it prompts the user for Admin rights to do so. One one hand I think it sucks but on the other I’m glad it prevents apps from installing as it makes the IT life that much easier in the long run. Haven’t had a chance to look into options on this yet but if there’s not an option to allow QB to update without admin rights we’ll solve the issue by a simply policy: Set QB updates to download to the server so they’re ready to go and have a planned update schedule. The latter also has the added benefit as the QB server does not automatically update (Stupid design from Intuit if you ask me!) so we can make sure all the systems remain on the same update by having a scheduled update time.

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