Office Upgrade to Windows Vista (Part 4)

It’s been about two weeks since we did the cut-over to Windows Vista I wrote about earlier. So far everything is running smoothly, I have to say I really do like the UAC for blocking people from installing crap onto the systems (either intentionally or accidentally) Since the cut over, I have had to put in the UAC credentials a total of 5 times. That’s for all of the systems, 5 total. Not too bad for the benefits.

The only issues that need to be worked out still are the QuickBooks 2008 updates. When QB updates it triggers the UAC prompt. So far we’ve worked around this with a scheduled process where an admin does weekly updates to QB to make sure they’re up to date and users aren’t bothered. Since the QB Server has to be manually updated anyway (a really stupid decision not to have automatic updates for the server!) it’s just a little extra time to hit the workstations and update them. It’s a low priority issue but one we’re going to look into other alternatives for.

The one other issue we ran into, which has nothing to do with Vista, is that the old server that was hosting QB is showing it’s age and was dog slow with the new version. The system doesn’t meet the min-requirements so I can’t complain about it…we knew this going into things but agreed it was worth a try. The quick fix is that we have the QB server running on a dedicated workstation for the moment until a new server is ready in the next month or two.

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