Quick access to mapped drives in Vista

Just came across a post by Brian Williams on Opening files on mapped shares in Vista and wanted to add a tip that saves a lot of time and wear and tear on the mouse. One of the changes in Vista is how the whole My Computer windows displays and how drives and folders are visible when opening/saving files from within applications. Specifically, quick access to mapped drives takes a few more clicks to get to because there’s no drop-down to select your mapped drives.

If you have one or more mapped drives that you access a lot (in this case we have Q: and S: that are used constantly) a quick way to save yourself and your users a lot of extra clicking is to add the mapped drives to the Favorites list. This way you can have one click access to the mapped drive.

There are several ways to add items to this list, a quick way to do this on a system is to open My Computer and navigate to where you see your mapped drive (or folder within that mapped drive) you want to add to the favorite locations. Just right-click and drag it over to the favorites list and release…choose to create a short-cut here. That’s all there is to it.

You can also make the change to multiple systems by copying the links to the \Users\<username>\Links\ folder.

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