Mesh…gets a little tangled

I finally had some time to spend playing around with Mesh some more and while I still love what it can do and the future features it holds, I have found one major downside to it. It’s something I just didn’t catch on to from the way the menu’s were presented and why I was very confused as to what the difference between Mesh and FolderShare is.

There is a dialog box to select when to sync files in the folder you select.

imageI was under the impression that I could choose to have some folders sync with my Live Desktop as well as other devices in my Mesh AND have the option of having some folders sync with devices on my Mesh but not sync to the Live Desktop. This is apparently not the case. I was trying to go through and setup everything today and after repeated attempts of trying to disable the sync with the Live Desktop, figured it’s not going to happen.

This is one feature that I really hope they add in to Mesh as for me, it would make it the killer app I was hoping for. The benefit I see is that some files/folders I’m not so worried about having remote access to but I want to have them in sync between devices for backup/redundancy. Or another example, I’m not so worried about having all of my sons pictures on my Live Desktop (he’s 2 so there’s a ton of new photos all the time) but I would love to be able to add other members (ex: family) to be able to get the photos on their computers so I can avoid emailing them. This is what I do with FolderShare now and it works but if Mesh added this it would do everything FolderShare does and have the capacity to do so much more.

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