Running Applications from Mapped Drive

One of the projects I’ve been working on involved choosing between Vista and XP for the desktops. The primary LOB application vendor said they supported and worked fine on Vista except you had to turn off UAC. This took me by surprise so I spoke with their support and engineering departments…the one and only reason they have customers turn off UAC, so you don’t get the prompt when you launch the app off the server over a mapped drive!

After a few more minutes trying to see if there was some other reason that was really the issue it was confirmed, this was the one and only reason for stating to turn off UAC. Ok, maybe I’m missing something here and what I think should work really won’t work….to to the test systems.

I added the server to the Local Intranet Zone and tried launching the app on the test system while logged in as a standard user. Worked like it should, no warning or confirmation prompts. So I now have a bunch of shiny new computers on the way with Vista so I can cut down on the clean up crap that is currently being done regularly with Win2k and XP by running the systems as regular users.

Note, to get to the settings page to add sites open Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options -> Select the Security tab -> Highlight the Local Intranet icon and click Sites -> Click the Advanced button-> Add you sites.

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