Forget eBooks, I want eMagazines

There’s been a good amount of press lately about the eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Digital Reader. The problem with these is the up-front cost and limited selection of titles available for them. What we really be a great way to promote the digital books is to offer digital magazines instead.

There’s the obvious geek factor in that tech magazines would be a perfect fit for this…what geek wouldn’t love to have a digital reader that automatically downloaded the latest edition of all the tech magazines so they could be easily read. Ok, honestly it would just reduce the cluttered pile of magazines in the bathroom, but you get the idea.

There’s the green factor, magazines could still sell their subscriptions but would not have to print the same volume of the actual magazine reducing paper and ink.

Then there’s the additional features that could be incorporated…see an ad or article that’s referenced…it could link directly to it or request more info be sent. How great would that be to be sitting (most likely on the throne) reading and just click to have additional info emailed or flagged on your computer to follow up on.

The eMagazine reader would use a standard format, not one of the existing pain in the @$$ webazine reader apps that simulates an actual paper magazine by making you actually flip pages and show the corners being pulled. Yea, it was cool to see the first time, then it’s just an annoyance having to wait for the page to turn and have to zoom in to actually read what’s on the page because it zooms out every page turn so you can see the whole page. :::sorry, end of rant:::

And to throw in one other idea to sync everything together…it would be great to have it be a Live Mesh enabled device. This way I could not only read the magazines on the reader but on any of my devices: work computer, home PC, etc. Add a proposal I have to review to my Mesh and I can read it later on the reader….one day I hope!

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