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Windows Vista and HP 2015 Printers

June 28, 2008

Sometimes it’s best to toss aside the instructions and just do what you think should work. That’s the lesson I learned the hard way recently when trying to get a HP 2015 printer working on Windows Vista. I had just setup the exact same setup a week before that worked fine, now I had spent a couple hours trying every driver I could think of but everything failed.

Long story short, even though the printer says on the box that it works with Vista, the drivers on the CD and that you can download from HP’s site all cause it to fail with various error messages. The trick to get it to work is to not install any of them. If you do…it just won’t work. If you simply connect the USB cable it will detect and work without problems. Of course if you read the directions which tell you not to do this you’re doomed.

A note, if you have already installed the drivers, one way to get them out is to do a system restore to a point just before you installed the drivers…this worked for me and got the printer working again.


Spare $900 for a phone?

June 15, 2008

I heard about this phone the other day while reading through some websites…after looking at it some more I’m really excited to see this phone. It looks like a Windows Mobile version of the iPhone! Hope they bring it to the US soon as the over $900 to buy in the UK is just a little too much for a phone. Check out the HTC Touch Diamond.

Now Windows Mobile phones are great, especially the costs savings for service when compared to the iPhone or Blackberry…but they do seem to have more bugs with apps running correctly on them and especially with memory management. That said, not sure how well this phone with actually run but the interface looks really cool…plus from what I can tell, the interface is just sitting on top of Windows so maybe it will be a little more stable.

Reporting Spam to ExchangeDefender

June 14, 2008

Thought this was a really cool little add-on to Outlook 2007 from Nick Whittome – The Naked MVP that allows you to report spam back to ExchangeDefender when it makes it through the filters. Haven’t tried it so I can’t say how good or bad it works, just thought the idea was great…why go through the extra steps of copy & pasting header info when you can click a button.

Apple Mesh = ME

June 11, 2008

There’s been some discussion on the groups lately about Apple’s answer to Live Mesh called I have to say the one thing I find really humorous is that the demo video posted on their site uses Windows Vista.

I have to say the demo itself looks good, very clean and easy to use…the trademark of Apple. I think it’s going to be very good for consumers with services moving into the clouds. The major roadblock Apple has had is that it’s their hardware so there was limited apps to go on it…now with cloud services, everyone can run it no matter what platform you’re on (as this video shows running on Vista.) And as much as I love Microsoft & their products, Apple is much better at making things better looking /  easier for users so I think they have the edge when it comes to people facing services in the cloud.

I won’t go so far as to say that Live Mesh and ME are exactly the same…neither are released yet and even when they do I’m sure there will be constant changes (another benefit of cloud services…the ability to make quick updates for everyone.) Whichever starts off better or offers more, one thing is clear…competition between them should mean a better product for consumers.

Now if only they would open the iPhone to run on non-AT&T services
(meaning not having to go through the unlock it and hope you don’t
update & kill it.)

Microsoft Response Point SP1

June 10, 2008

After going through a great presentation and Q&A session with Jerry Moore from CMPTel, I have to say that Response Point has improved tremendously since the initial release. It’s well on it’s way to being a real phone system I would want to deploy.

Notice I said on it’s way…there’s still those features that most business owners would consider essential that are missing from Response Point. While most of them are on the plans for version 2 due out early next year, why would you buy something that is planning on having some of the features you want when, for the same price or less, you could get them all now?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Response Point make it…I think it’s a great system with lots of potential but for most businesses I know, it’s still missing a few key features that would make me wait.

Some examples of what’s still missing:

  • Remote phone support (ability to have a phone at home as well as the office)
  • Time of day routing (day/night mode essentially.)
  • No support for QOS in the phones (no VLAN support or ability to prioritize traffic if utilizing the network pass through port.)
  • SIP Trunking – While I realize this is in SP1, it’s apparently limited to two vendors so unless this changes it will be a non-feature just yet.

Microsoft Response Point – Syspine

June 9, 2008

Tomorrow night, the Palm Beach IT Association will be be hosting Jerry Moore of CMP Inc. to talk about Syspine’s implementation of Microsoft Response Point.

If you’re planning on attending don’t forget to register. If you can’t make it Tuesday but are interested, our sister groups will also be hosting the same presentation at the South Florida Technology Network and Miami SBS Group.

Remote Web Workplace – ActiveX Error

June 9, 2008

Had a problem today with someone trying to connect to their workstation through a SBS 2003 box using Remote Web Workplace, RWW. They were using a XP Pro system and were able to connect to the web site but kept getting an error when trying to access the clients list. The error was that they needed an ActiveX control installed but their security settings were preventing it from being installed.

After some funbling through various settings trying to figure out why they were getting this error, we found that the RDP Client was disabled for some reason. Enabling this got them back up & running.

To check & enable this:

  1. In Internet Explorer (version 7) click on Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Enable or Disable Add-ons
  2. Use the dropdown to Show: Downloaded AvtiveX Controls
  3. Look for RDP Client, if it’s disabled, enable it.