Server Delays

Over a month ago I ordered a bunch of new servers from Dell. I’ve never had a problem with delays when ordering servers from them before but this one turned into a painful delay. After going through several delays in manufacturing we finally got the server about a month later. Turns out the issue was a simple one….finding a serial card that would work with Windows Server 2008! If I wanted a fiber NIC I could have had it next day…but an basic, old serial card…still not available. Go figure.

While I have no wish to keep serial interfaces around and really prefer them being replaced by USB or network interfaces, the fact remains that there is a LOT of legacy equipment out there (Most PBX, voicemail, and POS systems) that only uses a serial port for it’s interface.

Came across a cool product that enabled us to bypass the problem and remove the serial ports from the server and put them on the network. Using the Comtrol box also made things a little easier in that rather than having to run several serial cables from the phone and POS to the server, we were able to just put the Comtrol box next to the them and use the existing network connection to talk with the server.

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