Microsoft Response Point SP1

After going through a great presentation and Q&A session with Jerry Moore from CMPTel, I have to say that Response Point has improved tremendously since the initial release. It’s well on it’s way to being a real phone system I would want to deploy.

Notice I said on it’s way…there’s still those features that most business owners would consider essential that are missing from Response Point. While most of them are on the plans for version 2 due out early next year, why would you buy something that is planning on having some of the features you want when, for the same price or less, you could get them all now?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Response Point make it…I think it’s a great system with lots of potential but for most businesses I know, it’s still missing a few key features that would make me wait.

Some examples of what’s still missing:

  • Remote phone support (ability to have a phone at home as well as the office)
  • Time of day routing (day/night mode essentially.)
  • No support for QOS in the phones (no VLAN support or ability to prioritize traffic if utilizing the network pass through port.)
  • SIP Trunking – While I realize this is in SP1, it’s apparently limited to two vendors so unless this changes it will be a non-feature just yet.
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One Comment on “Microsoft Response Point SP1”

  1. Mark Recek Says:

    I agree. We have installed a Syspine RP system at the request of a customer. Very nice system for the small business, but it definitely has features to be desired.

    One thing that amazes me about most VoIP systems is the lack of programmable buttons. Traditional phone systems typically have 12 or more programmable buttons; many VoIP systems have non or just enough get by.

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