Apple Mesh = ME

There’s been some discussion on the groups lately about Apple’s answer to Live Mesh called I have to say the one thing I find really humorous is that the demo video posted on their site uses Windows Vista.

I have to say the demo itself looks good, very clean and easy to use…the trademark of Apple. I think it’s going to be very good for consumers with services moving into the clouds. The major roadblock Apple has had is that it’s their hardware so there was limited apps to go on it…now with cloud services, everyone can run it no matter what platform you’re on (as this video shows running on Vista.) And as much as I love Microsoft & their products, Apple is much better at making things better looking /  easier for users so I think they have the edge when it comes to people facing services in the cloud.

I won’t go so far as to say that Live Mesh and ME are exactly the same…neither are released yet and even when they do I’m sure there will be constant changes (another benefit of cloud services…the ability to make quick updates for everyone.) Whichever starts off better or offers more, one thing is clear…competition between them should mean a better product for consumers.

Now if only they would open the iPhone to run on non-AT&T services
(meaning not having to go through the unlock it and hope you don’t
update & kill it.)

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