Windows Vista and HP 2015 Printers

Sometimes it’s best to toss aside the instructions and just do what you think should work. That’s the lesson I learned the hard way recently when trying to get a HP 2015 printer working on Windows Vista. I had just setup the exact same setup a week before that worked fine, now I had spent a couple hours trying every driver I could think of but everything failed.

Long story short, even though the printer says on the box that it works with Vista, the drivers on the CD and that you can download from HP’s site all cause it to fail with various error messages. The trick to get it to work is to not install any of them. If you do…it just won’t work. If you simply connect the USB cable it will detect and work without problems. Of course if you read the directions which tell you not to do this you’re doomed.

A note, if you have already installed the drivers, one way to get them out is to do a system restore to a point just before you installed the drivers…this worked for me and got the printer working again.

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