Online screencasts

Been a while since my last post mainly due to recent traveling and doing major system upgrades at various properties. Only two deployments left with the current upgrades and then all but one will be running Windows Server 2008 and a combination of Vista and XP workstations.

At one point I was looking for something online and came across this site and thought it was pretty cool. Haven’t had a chance to look at more than a couple of the videos but they seem to be very clear and easy to follow instructional’s for how to do things from installing a GoDaddy SSL certificate on IIS7 to installing SBS 2008, and even Bare-metal restore of SBS 2008.

The main site to see those listed above and the other videos they have is at

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One Comment on “Online screencasts”

  1. Robert Crane Says:


    Great find, thanks for the info.

    Can I also point you to some online videos I have also done on SBS 2008. You’ll find them at

    Once again many thanks

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