FTP & Firewalls

One of the little “gotchas” I ran into on my recent installing spree was with FTP on Windows Server 2008. The systems are all running on a private network as a database/application server but I still have the built in firewall enabled and to help reduce risk from users on the network doing something stupid.

While trying to download the application software from an FTP site, the vendor told me that the could connect to the server but the connection just died after that. The quick workaround was to have them just use the Network Places and connect to the FTP server that way which worked but took a lot longer to setup the connection vs. the good old command prompt FTP.

When I had time later I looked at the system and after a little troubleshooting realized that the firewall was actually blocking the command line FTP data. Odd that it blocks it while letting the Explorer FTP session through? Anyhow, simple fix was to go to the Firewall and add the FTP.exe app to the allowed programs and all worked well.

Seems blatantly obvious now looking back on it but at the time when doing 5000 other things, it was one of the little things that got me.

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