Mesh Sync Options

I’ve been using Live Mesh for a while now and it’s been working great. I’ll be honest and say the Live Desktop portion isn’t something I use that often but it has been helpful at times to be able to get to files…the main reason it’s not as useful is I can’t run an app there to make use of the data when I’m not at my PC. For example if I wanted to open and edit a document I currently can’t open Word and edit the file within my Mesh Live Desktop. But the main reason I like Mesh is the syncing between multiple systems.

Currently I have it syncing between 3 systems and my Live Desktop. The one complaint I’ve had from the start has been not being able to choose the sync settings for the live desktop…meaning everything had to sync to the live desktop. There are options for all of the PC’s for each folder if it should sync or not sync for this device but it’s not something you can change for the live desktop. At least not from the client PC’s!

I found this post on the Live Mesh forums where Scott Lovegrove posted a little tip that was exactly what I was looking for. I don’t understand why you can’t do this directly from the desktop but at least it let’s me choose not to sync to the Live Desktop for some folders.

This can’t be done from the client, it has to be done from your Live Desktop. If you go to and go to the folder in question and choose the edit option in there, you can choose to not sync with the desktop from there.

SL – Windows Live Platform MVP

So this let’s me still sync folders between PC’s without having them go to the Live Desktop. Perfect! In case you’re wondering why I would want to do this…for large folders, such as my Photos, I am well past the storage space limit on Live desktop but would still like to sync the folder on multiple systems (like a poor-mans backup!)

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