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IE Developer Toolbar

October 21, 2008

Apparently the IE Dev Toolbar has been out for a while and I managed to miss it. I’ve only tried it out quickly so far it doesn’t seem to be as nice as what’s available for Firefox but nice to know they at least have something for IE to compete. Regardless of what browser you’re using I still feel it’s better to have a couple choices as it keeps things moving otherwise everyone stops making improvements to their products.


Have you cleaned your PC lately?

October 18, 2008

My wife’s computer has been making some noise the past couple weeks, nothing major just slight vibration but it gets annoying. I had some alone time this afternoon while no one was home (read: my 2 1/2 year old wasn’t here to steal the parts) and I took apart the system for a good cleaning.

After going through a full can of air cleaning everything out I’ve decided I need to find a cheap air compressor as I think it will do a much better job than constantly buying cans of air. The system is now running as quiet as it was when we first turned it on. So consider this a friendly public service message to clean out your computer.

SSL 3.0 in IIS 7.0

October 16, 2008

One quirk I recently ran into was regarding SSL version 3.0 in IIS 7.0. I was under the impression that IIS defaulted to SSL 3.0 and had 2.0 disabled…this is apparently not the case. While going through a PCI audit we found that the server was still accepting SSL 2.0 connections which is apparently against the PCI guidelines. So how to change this so SSL 2.0 is disabled:

  1. On the server, run REGEDT32
  2. Create or edit the following key to disable SSL 2.0:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\Schannel\Protocols\SSL 2.0\Server]
  3. Reboot the server


October’s Palm Beach IT Association Meeting

October 14, 2008

Today the Palm Beach IT Association is hosting Linda Barnette from ProActive Training and Consulting, a sales training and consulting firm. She will be discussing some of the challenges businesses face today including how to grow your business and how to get more referrals.

If you would like to attend and haven’t done so please register using the link above.

Updating Wireless Network

October 13, 2008

Just finished doing the site survey for replacing an existing wireless network at a hotel. The current solution was a rather odd setup that I still can’t figure out why they installed in the first place as it just seems like it must have been the same if not more up-front costs and is definitely lacking in the management area.

The system being replaced is using an old Paradyne DSLAM to put DSL service on about 20% of the phones. Those rooms are then equipped with a Netopia wireless DSL router, the same type you used to get when you got DSL service from Bellsouth. So the obvious problems with this setup is that there is no remote management of the DSL modems in the rooms because they are set in bridge mode. The guest in the room has access to reset and do whatever they want with the modem. There are several other issues as well including lack of battery backup power in the rooms to keep the access points running.

So the new system will solve these issues by having all of the new access points powered from the network room using POE. All of the waps will be centrally configured and managed rather than having everything being individually configured. Last but certainly not least, none of the access points will be located in the guest rooms anymore. Installation is planned for the later this month.

PHP Register Global Variables

October 12, 2008

Ran into an issue this past week with a couple of web sites that were setup a few years ago. Specifically the online forms stopped working…it would go through on the user side no problems but no data was actually sent through the form.

The problem turned out to be caused by an update which set the Register Globals variable option to off (which it should be for security.) The problem was the sites were done quickly and made use of global variables.

The fix is a simple change that just required specifying how the form would get the info: