Updating Wireless Network

Just finished doing the site survey for replacing an existing wireless network at a hotel. The current solution was a rather odd setup that I still can’t figure out why they installed in the first place as it just seems like it must have been the same if not more up-front costs and is definitely lacking in the management area.

The system being replaced is using an old Paradyne DSLAM to put DSL service on about 20% of the phones. Those rooms are then equipped with a Netopia wireless DSL router, the same type you used to get when you got DSL service from Bellsouth. So the obvious problems with this setup is that there is no remote management of the DSL modems in the rooms because they are set in bridge mode. The guest in the room has access to reset and do whatever they want with the modem. There are several other issues as well including lack of battery backup power in the rooms to keep the access points running.

So the new system will solve these issues by having all of the new access points powered from the network room using POE. All of the waps will be centrally configured and managed rather than having everything being individually configured. Last but certainly not least, none of the access points will be located in the guest rooms anymore. Installation is planned for the later this month.

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