Tivo nearing retirement

I love my Tivo…it is without a doubt one of the greatest tech tools in our house that everyone (yes that includes my 2 year old) uses and loves daily. For mom & dad it means being able to wait and watch shows after the kid is alseep (i.e. quite) and for my son it means being able to watch the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the 40th time in a single week.

The thing I hate about my Tivo is that it seems to be getting old and tired and, if it were a Windows system I would be doing the old “Fdisk – Format – Reinstall…do dah…do dah…” song. The Tivo has lost it’s network adapter repeatedly…at least once every other week, sometimes more. The downloaded shows tend to download almost all the way and then disappear. It’s getting rather frustrating.

The sad part is, when thinking about this…is that I’m apparently a well trained old time Windows user. I just expect the issues and the restarts and deal with it because it’s still better than the alternatives….but then again, I haven’t had a single crash on my Vista system since I installed it. Now if only they could improve the Media center functionality to be equal to Tivo!

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