Windows 7 Beta…first impressions

Just installed the Windows 7 Beta. I should point out that I’m one of the few out there that seem to actually like Vista and have had great success with it….could it be better, sure, was it as bad as everyone makes it out to be, no way.

So, first thoughts of the new beta:

Install went well, no issues there. I like how the requirements seem a little better and am looking forward to seeing how it performs on netbooks. I think people will have less issues as they most likely already have newer hardware from upgrading to Vista or if they are still on really old hardware, they’re due for a new system anyway.

Look & feel is nice…I like the built in desktop slide show feature. It’s trivial but a cool touch (and I know someone who’s been asking for this feature for a while now.)  Gadgets are no longer tied to the gadget bar but rather can be dropped anywhere on the desktop.

Powershell is built-in of course as is PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment which is a nice looking application that allows you to write, test, and debug scripts with all the syntax formatting and all.

UAC has a new settings adjustment. Honestly haven’t looked at this much as I don’t have too many complains about the one in Vista.

A new feature called HomeGroup is now available…not too familiar with this one yet but seems like it is from an old Longhorn feature called Castle.

Looking forward to playing around with it some more but so far it’s looking good.

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