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Ideal Home Network

January 12, 2009

I was watching some video from CES earlier and started thinking about the amount of electricity we use with idle devices around the house…especially the computers. Usually there are 2 computers, 1 server, and a Tivo on every night (not including the little night lights from the TV. coffee pot, and every other electronic device that sucks energy when off.)

I was thinking how nice it would be to just be able to have one GOOD system with a small touchscreen display that could be in the living room and serve multiple functions. It would need to be a decent system with multiple-redundant hard drives to function as a home server for backups and file storage, media server to record & playback TV, and a Virtual Server so we could have little dumb terminals with instant on to use for desktops. Heck even a blade server for home would be cool. Somehow I don’t think I could get away with putting even the smallest of the blade servers in the living room currently…one day maybe they’ll come out with a Home Blade Server!


Star Trek

December 30, 2008

While this isn’t exactly tech related…I grew up watching the original Star Trek series (and yes I still laugh at it to this day.) Just watched the trailer for the new movie and it looks interesting…

Tivo nearing retirement

December 9, 2008

I love my Tivo…it is without a doubt one of the greatest tech tools in our house that everyone (yes that includes my 2 year old) uses and loves daily. For mom & dad it means being able to wait and watch shows after the kid is alseep (i.e. quite) and for my son it means being able to watch the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the 40th time in a single week.

The thing I hate about my Tivo is that it seems to be getting old and tired and, if it were a Windows system I would be doing the old “Fdisk – Format – Reinstall…do dah…do dah…” song. The Tivo has lost it’s network adapter repeatedly…at least once every other week, sometimes more. The downloaded shows tend to download almost all the way and then disappear. It’s getting rather frustrating.

The sad part is, when thinking about this…is that I’m apparently a well trained old time Windows user. I just expect the issues and the restarts and deal with it because it’s still better than the alternatives….but then again, I haven’t had a single crash on my Vista system since I installed it. Now if only they could improve the Media center functionality to be equal to Tivo!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

November 14, 2008

Went to the TSO concert last night and it was amazing! What does this have to do with Tech….this was the first time I have seen the stage lighting & framework be used as part of the show. It was incredible to see how all of the lighting, rigging, fire cannons, and lasers were all integrated into the show. The normal little sound control area in the crowd looked like a small NOC with the amount of computers controlling everything. Don’t get me wrong I like my job but if I had a clue about how that worked I’d be applying for that job. Must be awesome to watch the concert at all the different arenas.

Have you cleaned your PC lately?

October 18, 2008

My wife’s computer has been making some noise the past couple weeks, nothing major just slight vibration but it gets annoying. I had some alone time this afternoon while no one was home (read: my 2 1/2 year old wasn’t here to steal the parts) and I took apart the system for a good cleaning.

After going through a full can of air cleaning everything out I’ve decided I need to find a cheap air compressor as I think it will do a much better job than constantly buying cans of air. The system is now running as quiet as it was when we first turned it on. So consider this a friendly public service message to clean out your computer.

New Microsoft Ad – #2

September 13, 2008

The 2nd new Microsoft ad featuring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld is out now. I have to say the first one made me laugh a little even though it was bit odd….this one on the other hand was just plain weird.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the ad series at the Windows site:

Oh well, guess it shows there’s very short supply of marketing people that are good!

SBS 2008 Partner Tour

September 12, 2008

So tonight we had the Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Partner Tour. I’m still not sure why I’m still awake after going through about 6 hours of Power Point slides!

The start of the show, the vendor portion, was kinda slow as the vendors who were here really didn’t fit the crowd and it was obvious. I think I actually heard crickets when one was talking. I don’t want to mention them because they were all nice people but were just talking to the wrong crowd.

The actual Microsoft portion on SBS 2008 was really good. I will say that Kevin was one of the best people from the marketing side to present from Microsoft because he didn’t try to offer the Microsoft is perfect pitch but did admit to short comings in the products. I do wish the marketing/licensing part would have been shorter as there wasn’t really any new info but we spent a lot of time on it…a good portion was due to so called IT Pro’s who kept asking stupid questions that really made me wonder if they had ever looked at let alone used SBS before.

During the tech side we did get to hear about some neat little tricks and features that I hadn’t seen before. Just wish people didn’t keep asking the same questions over and over so we could have gotten through a lot more.